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Location: Douglasville, Ga

Phone Number:


Instagram: @afrorichesse


About This Business:

I handmade Afrocentric hair bonnets, headwraps, and other accessories. I am a black stay-at-home.

Why should consumers work with you?

I provide good quality products/services. I put so much love and care in my work.

Customer Testimonials:

"All products have amazing quality. I have had the pleasure of using the bonnet, scrunchie, and headbands. I love them all. The elasticity and quality is amazing. I absolutely love the vibrant colors and fashionable print. I am able to wear these accessories with any outfit. The bonnet is so cute, I feel fashionable going to bed. You will not be disappointed once you invest into these beautiful accessories!"

"The best hair accessories! I absolutely love my knot headband! It's comfortable, the quality is amazing and the bold colored print is what takes this headband to the next level. It's far from any basic headband. 10 out of 10 recommended."

"I'm obsessed! I'm a satin bonnet girl through and through and to be able to get my hands on one that's 1. HANDMADE and 2. COMFORTABLE, hands down is a win/win! It's spacious and extremally durable. The feel of the satin on the inside feels luxurious and it does amazing when it comes to protecting my hair."

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