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Business Information

Location: Wyckoff, New Jersey 

Phone Number: 551-234-7696

Instagram: @akachi_8


Business Description:

AKACHI mission statement: "Made with Love" or Self-care is the best Care".

We are black-woman owned brand that specializes in the production of natural hair & skincare products, made with tons of care and love! Our brand represents high-quality, meets affordability. Exemplified in both our finish products and packaging. Each ingredient is specially selected to ensure our product is the best!

Our operations commenced in Jamaica, West Indies and we are excited to expand to the United States of America.

AKACHI is intentional about each product we manufacture, currently our product line includes:

°Body Soufflés ( Cream)

° Hair Conditioning Cream

° Hair & Scalp Treatment ( Oil base)

° Facial Bars (Turmeric & Garlic, Oatmeal & Honey, Cannabis & Honey, Activated Charcoal)

°Yoni Soap

°Natural Oils ( Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Hemp Seed, Neem Oil)

°All-purpose Analgesic Creme

°Perfume Oils

°Facial Serum

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