Angelia Claudette Health + Wellness Coaching

Alexandria, Virginia



Angelia Claudette Health + Wellness Coaching provides biopsychosocial holistic services from a spiritual and emotional aspect of healing that ultimately improves the body and the mind for optimal living. I hold space and provide accountability to create an atmosphere for deep healing from the inside out - body, mind and spirit using a variety of natural tools and energetic modalities, including Private Coaching, Plant-based transitioning, Kemetic and Hatha yoga, Reiki, Womb Sauna yoni steaming, herbal remedies, essential oil aromatherapy, and other forms of intuitive energy healing.

Why should consumers shop with you?

I empower women to take ownership and agency of their entire system and heal it all — body, mind and spirit. This empowerment is not a seminar or an event. What I do comes from the heart and spirit and allows women to understand that they’ve had what they needed within themselves all along and that it’s time to break any patterns that have kept them from living and not just existing. It goes deeper than a fad diet or what’s popular for the season. I am uniquely qualified to do this work because of my own personal story, my education, training and career experience, and what I know my purpose is on this earth.

My biopsychosocial holistic services impacts the health of the community by way of helping women heal from the inside out, sustaining healthy habits and creating a lifestyle that she and her family benefit from. This creates a ripple effect to larger markets, one woman and one family at a time.


Instagram: @angelia.claudette