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Tracy, CA


About This Business:

We are a Black owned cosmetics and beauty brand that provides quality cosmetics and beauty products. Our products compliment every skin tone and eye color on purpose. As a black women I wanted to make sure that our daughter felt seen in the cosmetics industry and that's what prompted us to start our own beauty and cosmetic company. We focus on making beauty personal and uplifting and encouraging all of our beautiful customers.

Why should consumers work with you?

We stock a variety of quality essential beauty products for every skin type and tone. We take great pride in using natural occurring organic ingredients in the majority of our products.



Customer Testimonials:

"I love how all shades of Brown Beauties can wear it and not only look but feel beautiful. Your products feel light and natural 10 out of 10. I went to a show last night and wore a mask the entire time. When I took my mask off my Brown Girls Beauty Co's liquid lipstick had not smeared."

- Daniela Z.

"January helped me find my perfect nude gloss called Malibu Rum and I love it."

- Tamisha S.

"45 minutes of teaching cycling with a mic and no smearing or flacking. Brown Girls Beauty Co " Kiss Me " liquid lipstick is a must have."

- Margert G.

"I purchased the Brown Girls Beauty Co Pina Colada lip conditioner and my lips feel amazing. Great quality product."

- Sun D.

"I love your eyeshadow pallets. Goes on smooth and last all day. I didn't want to take it off. The colors are so pretty."

- Jenn S.

"I love my new Brown Girls Beauty Co " Peachy " lip gloss. Feels great on my lips and I love the color."

- Candice K.

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