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Callie Decor

Chicago, Il


About This Business:

Callie Decor candles are handmade in Chicago and feature custom aromas mixed into a proprietary wax blend.

My tapestries are hand painted on Duck Cloth. They are beautiful and timeless, and complement any decor. They celebrate the Poets and the Poetry of HIP-HOP ❣️✨

I capture the poetry of my favorite writers, they defy the "archetype" of what America defines as poetic value. I do this for the lovers of the "Lost Poets" and the "Usual Suspects". WORDS HAVE POWER, and I intend to promote the power that can be found in the lyrics written by some of Hip Hops most lauded as well as the most unsung writers. I am moved by the lyricism and I’m ecstatic to showcase the genius behind the geniuses in this way.

Why should consumers work with you?

Quality, Unique, Handmade wares for their home.

Instagram: @calliedecor

Customer Testimonials:

"Love # 3

I love the smell of this candle! I get many compliments"

-Erica V.


These candles are absolutely amazing, the smell of all of these is really nice. I will definitely be purchasing additional candles since I already used mines up lol"


"Best Smelling Candles Ever

The positive sensations we get from Simone +Callie Decor candles are so delightful, pure and organic. I’ve had all of the series and love them all! My adult son’s favorites is No.23 and my elder brother’s is No.15. Please keep making these wonderful scents!"

-Sedonia P

"I'm obsessed..

Your craftsmanship is remarkable. It has been truly awe-inspiring to witness the evolution of "Callie Decor". I've been a fan since day one and throughout this super-dope journey, your collection has only gotten better and better, which is remarkable.

THIS is how I know, without a shadow of a doubt..that Callie Decor IS,


-Christine M.


I absolutely love these candles. I received my first candle as a gift. I have every scent and love each of them. They burn beautifully & the scents are amazing. Whether you are seeking something for yourself or as a gift, you couldn’t make a better selection."

-Deborah F.

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