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EYE AM Publishing

Newport News, Virginia


About This Business:

The purpose & mission of Eye Am Publishing is to create a series of books geared towards uplifting the youth. Giving them a visual of what life will look like when they know who they are and what they came here to do.

The mind of the youth is constantly attack on a daily basis based on what they consume through the media. Eye Am Publishing is changing that narrative to push the youth in the right direction and super charge their creativity, imagination, and vision.

Eye Am Publishing mission is to reach as much of the youth as possible through our works; creating leaders instead of followers. THUS IT SHALL BE.

Being the change they wanna see in the world. ASE’

Why should consumers work with you?

My literature work expand the mind of the youth to help them see the true greatness in themselves through the power of affirmations.


Instagram: @yunggod_235

Customer Testimonials:

"This book is so amazing and powerful for the youth"

-Taye Diggs

"I love how the writer put a section in the book for the children to be able to write down what the affirmation means to them"


"This is a very inspirational book for the youth"

-Michelle Davis

"Your book is amazing"

-Vania Gomez

"This book is amazing and I can't wait to gift this to my daughter"

-Demond Mallory

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