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Fresh Face Beard Care

Hampton, GA


About This Business:

A refreshing, new take on beard and skincare with superior, natural products that are effective, and pleasant to men and their partners.

Why should consumers work with you?

Fresh Face Beard Care is a luxury, all-natural beard and skincare company that strives to empower men to practice self-love and personal care organically, without harsh chemicals and animal products. We are a privately owned and run company specializing in creating unique, seductive scents, that men AND women love, from the essence of nature for our nourishing, grooming products. We believe that fresh beards grow from fresh, fertile facial hair follicles, so we cater to your beard from skin to strand.

Our products are designed to be incorporated into every bearded man’s daily beard and skincare routine. Fresh Face Beard Care was inspired by a woman’s passion to empower our bearded male loved ones to prioritize their self-care with high-quality, plant-based nutrients and vitamins. We want other women to be encouraged to love their bearded beau or loved one stronger by advocating the start or transition to a natural skin and beard care regimen, or better yet, take the initiative to start one for him!

Instagram: @FreshFaceBeardCare

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