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Get Karenated® Dance & Fitness LLC

Bear, Delaware


About This Business:

As the founder and CEO of Get Karenated® Dance & Fitness LLC, it is my mission to inspire, uplift, and transform lives through dance, fitness and nutrition. Pre-pandemic, classes and training were done in-person. At the moment all classes and training are online, especially as I navigate my new surroundings. I recently moved from NY to Delaware.

Why should consumers work with you?

My love for movement, training as a professional dancer, being a stickler for alignment and form as a certified personal & group fitness trainer, and my passion for creating movement as a professional choreographer, makes for a unique training experience for my clients in both private and group sessions. My zest for life and endless store of energy means there's never a dull moment. My clients work hard. But they do get in a few laughs and an occasional dance break. One of my personal quotes is, "Do something good for your body everyday." Then I add to it, with a little wink, "It's always good to Get Karenated." Getting Karenated leaves my clients feeling energized, amped up, inspired and proud of their progress. I believe fitness and fun go hand in hand. I also believe that it is important to take care of the one body we've been blessed with. From Total Body Toning, to ABS + Core + GLUTES, to Zumba, there's something for everyone at every level.


Instagram: @getkarenated

Customer Testimonials:

"Karen really cares about improving people's lives. She shares tips for healthy food and drinks and makes working out fun."

-Jeannine T.

"Your/the class energy is infectious, fun, and brings that extra thing to the day…!"

-Marissa M.

“My journey back to dance and fitness was a decision that did not require any debate -this was a necessity. I feel so completely blessed and honored to have met Karen along this journey - she inspires, feeds the soul and allows the spirit to be free! Her classes - both dance and fitness - are extraordinary - filled with energy, compassion and perfect alignment instructions. Karen is the ultimate motivator for your fitness goals.”

-Sherra P..

"...In terms of her enthusiasm, love and passion for what she gives to her students -incomparable! She is an excellent teacher full of dedication and conviction, simply love of what she does that is infectious!"

-Deborah D.

"... Your love for what you do permeates and radiates out to your many students, like myself, who receive the value of your teachings and essence. You are also the living embodiment of success by staying the course with your passion, dedication and commitment."

-Wendy M.

"Awesome 30mins of movement. Too short! I loved every minute, so looking forward to the next class."

-Cathy G.

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