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Juice Defined

Business Info

Location: 854 Ali Baba Avenue Opa-locka, Fl

Phone Number:

Instagram: @juicedefined


About This Business:

JuiceDefined is a raw, fresh & cold pressed juice company that creates access to healthier options by providing a community-based and holistic approach to wellness. Incorporated in 2015, JuiceDefined's aim is to provide quality experiences by bringing innovative and fresh wellness ideas to our community that bring people together with the sole purpose of raising awareness and improving quality of life. We are the only honest, holistic, healthy hub in the City of Opa Locka.

Why should consumers shop with you?

We treat every customer like family and understand that lifestyle change can often times be intimidating. But in all that we do, we strive to empower and encourage our family to treat their bodies better. Shopping with us, you not only receive healthy, satisfying food & drink options, but you’re guaranteed to CATCH A VIBE!

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