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Kandeez Delite Hair & Beauty

Business Info

Location: Florissant, MO

Phone Number:


Instagram: @kandeez_delite


About This Business:

Kandeez Delite Hair & Beauty is our home base business all of our products are handmade with 100% natural ingredients 100% Guaranteed to grow your trouble areas and overall hair growth. We have been in business for 3 years located Saint Louis MO. Being part of our customers hair journey is why we love doing what we do seeing their process watching them reach their hair goals.

Why should consumers work with you?

Consumers should shop our products because we have put in the knowledge of all the ingredients in our Oils, and hair butters. We always test our products before advertising them to our consumers. We Take our time to make quality products that will help them with their hair growth and journey.

Customer Testimonials:

"Great products my daughter loves your hair care line her hair has grown back thick and full."

-Aaron D

"Highly recommend the Scalp Oil Treatment. I've had Eczema as a child and now as an adult it flares up from time to time. Move to the east coast ( Horrible Water) triggered it up again and this time to my scalp. I've tried so many oils and treatments nothing seem to work until Kandeez Delite Scalp Oil Treatment. I've been using this product for 2 years now and all I can say is my scalp looks and feels amazing."

-Adrainne T

"Known Kandeez Delite for a long time. She's like a sister to me. I learned a lot about scalp care. Talking to Kandeez Delite and watching her take special care of her families hair with her homemade hair care products It totally changed my perspective on hair care that that I became a fan and purchased my Scalp Oil Treatment only from her. The results of my scalp care are amazing, she put her heart and soul into in providing chemical free products for her family and clients. Being a witness to her journey is nothing but phenomenal let me tell you that your hair is definitely in care with Kandeez Delite products you gotta try it."

-Armande W

"I was struggling to find the right products for my hair needs that I could find all in one place. A friend recommended I try his wife hair care products I can honestly say It easily became a routine and my scalp is forever grateful. As someone who struggles with Eczema this had it under control Highly Recommend."


"Everyone her hair products really works. I have an health condition which has caused my hair loss. And the products have brought my hair back. Wait till y'all see my before and after. My doctors at Cleveland clinic also watching my progress."


"The product has really helped me personally with my scalp dryness and my hair growth. She being my wife in the most critical of her but she really did the thing with these products. I'm reckless when it comes to my hair but her products has helped me tremendously."

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