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Life in the Daylight Studios

Business Info

Location: Kingston, NY

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About This Business:

LITDS is home to

  • Daylight Candles-custom candle and scented item creation

  • Daylight Custom Designs- custom apparel and object creation

  • ABC About Me- a custom book created for young kids to learn their ABCs, family, history and built positive vocabulary

  • Daylight Photography- photographing everything for deer to families

Life in the Daylight Studios Presents:

  • Testimony Tuesday with The REF

  • Out of Bounds with The REF

  • Overcome by Testimony: I’m a Survivor

  • Wrap It Up Wednesday with The REF

  • All shows can be viewed at

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Customer Testimonials:

Review of Life in the Daylight:

"Seeing Life’s Challenges Differently book: I was excited to read a book from a New Author-but it was so much more. As Rashon E. Forrest describes the challenges, she has endured she Inspires you not to feel alone. My favorite part of her book are the Reflection pages. It gives the readers a built-in pause to think about what has been written and how you can change the way you face your life challenges."

Review of Daylight Candles:

"Such a good candle!!! The scent is strong without being aggressive like some candles can be and it comes with a good thick wick, not like those thin flimsy ones from the store. Will definitely be ordering again."

Review of Daylight Custom Designs:

"High quality fits perfectly and comfortably."

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