London Wolfe Healing

Richmond, California



I am London Wolfe a.k.a “The Practical Spiritualist” and I’m here to merge your “God Body” with your human body in a realistic way. I’m an internationally known teacher who teaches clients how to master their energy bodies as well as assisting them with tools, readings, and skill development in their daily lives and on their career path. I specialize in childhood trauma healing, spiritual activations, and strategic planning.

I also am the owner of “Wolfe Tribe Apparel” which is a conscious brand that raises awareness of Star Seeds, light workers, and gender fluid beings. It’s an empowerment movements to promote confidence and boldly speaking your truths while being stylish!

Why should consumers shop with you?

I am passionate about helping others to live their version of freedom. I want to show people the importance of energy and their presence on Earth. I am a down to earth person and provide safe space for people to share their fears and eccentricities. I am a strategic planner and solution driven with a creative mind so I am confident in helping clients find a clear path forward!


Instagram: @london.Wolfe.healingllc

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