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Pittsburgh, PA


About This Business:

Our mission is to elevate your everyday style and ever-changing mood with affordable, on trend nail looks.

Naylpress was created to allow everyone to have quality, trendy nails without the hassle of wait time at a salon and overspending for a unique nail look. I started the brand when I was ready for a switch up from just getting solid color nails at the nail salon and went to the salon with a picture of a cool look that I wanted on my nails. Little did I know that there would be extra cost for each color I wanted on a different nail and whether there was intricate or moderate detail. I was asked to pay over $70 just to have a different look than just basic! I loved the look but couldn't justify paying $70 every couple of weeks for a change.

From this experience I started my journey to search for quality press-on nails that could give me the fun trendy prints I saw on social media and on celebs I loved and from there wanted to share with everyone!

Naylpress is a black owned press on nail brand with a goal of inspiring others to live out their dreams.

Why should consumers work with you?

We provide ultra quality press on nails that help you look and feel your best! With over 40 styles to choose from, you can find the right set that fits your style.


Instagram: @naylpress

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