Buy Melanin is deeply committed to serving the community, particularly, black communities. We take pride in our ability to offer community participation in various activities that involve servicing individuals that desire assistance in different areas. Buy Melanin regularly examines our role in the community and how we can most successfully meet those human service needs by providing support for groups to develop kinship, positive growth, and a cooperative spirit to better our neighborhoods and social camaraderies.

Social Advocacy

Social change is a byproduct of strategic action and collective engagement. Buy Melanin understands that our community has faced social injustices for many years. It is our mission to  be actively involved in any social policy changes while addressing the root causes of oppression and marginalization in the black community.


The origin of Buy Melanin stemmed from the desire to promote entrepreneurship in the black community. Our mission is to cultivate relationships, thereby bringing awareness to black entrepreneurship and businesses across the country. Our goal is to not only help black business evolve,  but to assist those individuals with a vision.

Afro american woman at shopping holding

Buy Melanin aims to grow Black Owned Businesses by cultivating relationships in communities across the nation, to increase the circulation of the Black Dollar. We are dedicated to serving the communities in which we live, by operating under the service, social advocacy, and entrepreneurship pillars.

About Us


We believe that the change we want to see, begins and ends with cultivating  meaningful relationships right here in our community.

Our Mission

"Our mission is to champion local Black Owned Businesses in our community by providing not only a safe space, but also a fun, one-of-a-kind Black shopping experience."

-Samantha J. Siler



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