Chronic Fitness

East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania



Chronic Fitness is a fitness coaching boutique service. We cater to those who struggle with some form of chronic conditions, but who have clearance to add some form of basic exercise to their day-to-day. The programs are based around warm-ups, routines, and cool-downs. Virtual training includes strength, cardio, balance, and our new program SssHhh that helps women take the lead when coping with climacteric symptoms. All routines average between 25-30 minutes. We reach those coping with Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cancer, and Arthritis.

Why should consumers shop with you?

After many years working in the corporate sector of New York fashion industry and working with athletic brands, it was time to make a shift in an area that I felt passionate about, which is health advocacy. I know that when life happens and there is a shift, it is very important to make changes that helps extended our lifeline by changing the way we think about exercise. I know people especially in the Black community need guidance when it comes to a healthy way of life when managing medications and starting anew with their fitness journey.


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