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Coach's Closet

Miami, Florida


About This Business:

Coach’s Closet is a group of individuals who collaborated for the primary purpose of strengthening families and serving the community. We partner with various community leaders and local businesses to host events that will bridge the gap between the community and its partners.

Over the past 10 years, we have collected and donated over 20,000 pairs of New and Used sneakers to those in need around the world. In 2021 we gave away 1200 back-packs in Miami, Orlando, Tallahassee and Atlanta. We are looking to expand in 2022.

Why should the community work with you?

Why should you support Coach’s Closet? By supporting us, you are supporting communities around the country. A small donation can go a long way as we continue to serve and provide for those in need. We are family oriented that has a “Village” mentality. We believe that we must take care of each other, however we can. With your help, we can make this happen. For every donation received, we are able to provide clothes, shoes, school supplies and food to people less fortunate.

Instagram: @coachscloset23

Facebook: Coach’s Closet

Cash App: $CoachsCloset

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