Milk & Honey Yoni Spa and more

Houston, Texas



A relaxing and tranquil spa service located in Houston Texas that provide Yoni steams, King Steams, Brazilian Wax, Vajacials, Facials, Teeth whitening and Foot Detox. I also sell all natural handmade products such as Yoni oils “Yoni me Crazy”, Yoni bar soaps “Jonquil”, Sage Spray “Sage me now” and Yoni definition T-shirts

Why should consumers shop with you?

Consumers should patronize my business because I provide A-1 professional, customer service. I provide a service that caters to everyone's self-care, healing and wellness. I also sell products that are all handmade with natural products that only consists of organic ingredients such as herbs and essential oils.

However, to set me aside from the rest, my business is solely based on my personal medical journey and experience that birthed/created Milk & Honey Yoni!


Instagram: @Milknhoneyyoni

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