Dixon Candle and Bath

Scranton, PA


About This Business:

Handcrafting soy wax candles have been our thing since 2004. We created this as a hobby for our own enjoyment. Being able to make our own and pick the scents we liked gave us great satisfaction. Lighting candles in the evening became a ritual in our home. It signified our day was coming to a close. Everyone was home, dinner cooking or about to be served. Getting prepared for the next day was our mantra. Lighting candles gave us a relaxing ending to our busy day. Fast forward to now, we love to share our scents with others to help them relax and wind down on any day they need to. Our current home fragrance line consists of scented glass jar candles, neutralizing room sprays, scented sachet bags, & limited quantities of wax melts. All of our home fragrance scents are based on drink themes such as coffees, teas, milks, wine, cocktails, or spirits. We don't know about y'all, but drinks are the first thing gone in our house. We custom blend some of our drink fragrances to create unique scent blends that are exclusive to us.

Why should consumers work with you?

Our love of making candles goes back over 18 years. We have made all types of candles from votives and pie candles to container/jar candles in all types of candle scents. Quality products is at our forefront making sure we can provide you with an awesome fragrance experience to brighten your living space. Here are some other reasons to join our tribe:

*long lasting renewable soy wax candles

*exclusive specials for email/text subscribers & Facebook/Instagram scent peeps

* free scent sample with every order

*free shipping option for orders over a specific $ amt/ low flat rate shipping rates

*fast shipping of in stock items

*multiple secure payment options including debit/credit card- Paypal -Pay later -Amazon Pay -Venmo (were accepted)

*fun product giveaways

*products are gift ready

*learn fun facts about everything candle and scents related

*receive try at home drink recipes that are the inspiration behind our candle scents

Website: https://www.dixoncandleandbath.com

Instagram: @dixoncandleandbath

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