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Peachtree City, GA


About This Business:

Femdacity stands for Feminine Audacity.

Being a mom of teen girls inspired me to start Femdacity. Our menstrual cycles ran together and we would always run out of products. We also noticed that some of the disposable products caused irritation.

I created the Femdacity Panty and Pad because I wanted my girls to have a healthier relationship with their periods.

Why should consumers work with you?

Customers get both a panty and pad that absorbs a total of 5 regular tampons.

The Femdacity Panty has 5 layers but is comfortable to wear as a regular panty.

Our panty is has no weird chemicals in it. They are constructed of Cotton/Spandex, Bamboo, and PUL/Silver Polyester.


Instagram: @Femdacity

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