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Glam-Aholic Lifestyle

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Location: Detroit, Michigan

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Mia Ray is the epitome of glam but glam with a plethora of substance. She is a woman who holds many titles; mom, retired fashion blogger and entrepreneur...with all of these titles collectively cultivated her success story in one way or another. Mia Ray’s love for fashion and sense of creativity has allowed her to create a lifestyle brand for savvy young women across the world. With customers from coast to coast, Glam-Aholic Lifestyle, which consists of the signature Glam Tote and exclusive Travel Like a G Travel Set, happens to be perfect for the everyday girl, jetsetter, mom or mogul. By popular demand, the line has extended into cosmetic bags, wallets, travel accessories and journals. Mia Ray’s highly sought-after pieces have sold-out multiple times and has landed her within the pages of and As the face of her brand, she has become such a phenomenon in this market; she has created her own niche. From Mia’s personal branding approach to stellar marketing campaigns, she is able to connect with her customers like no other. In addition to running a glam empire, Mia dedicates her time to empower others by attending speaking engagements, hosting workshops and taking time out of her busy schedule to always share daily tips and advice. From a vision drawn in her notebook, Mia Ray has crafted a full-fledged lifestyle brand and made a household name for herself that is here to stay.

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