Glametix by Shasa LaRae

Cleveland, Oh


About This Business:

The name of my Business is Glametix ( laSH pla') By SL a d ot is a glammed based "everything EYEs" Cosmetic company that in 2020. I started the line with my luxury strip lashes and am now working on the eyeshadow portion of the line. I also worked on and launched my own website.

Why should consumers work with you?

Consumers should shop with me because my product that they are in need of, has the BEST Quality and Substance behind my brand Alone. When Glametix by SL says "TO BE GLAM, IS TO BE BEAUTIFUL....WE really mean it.....My brand also has continuous growth including expanding on different products and keeping a variety of the stock we have! We will continue to not only make you look beautiful, but you will FEEL beautiful too!


Instagram: @lashpla_by_shasalarae

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