Gurlish Label

Waldorf, MD


About This Business:

I am a clinical social worker by profession. Ever since I was 15, I actually wanted to go into the fashion industry. I was intimidated by what I could not do - which was draw. I put that dream aside and figured I can always go a “safer” route in the world and obtained further education in another field. Life is funny that way, because I have come full circle, and at 40, this is when I jumped out there and took a chance on me.

I didn't worry about the drawing aspect anymore because I narrowed in on what I COULD do. This started my journey to where I am today. I enjoy being a social worker and I enjoy being a small business owner of an apparel brand. I can SEE Gurlish Label becoming a staple within the black woman's wardrobe. I wanted these statement tees to reflect who we are as a brand.

About the Brand:

As we are slowly growing (currently selling via our website and in two partnership stores - one in New Jersey and the other in Maryland), we can only pray that we continue to show up and put in the work for our audience. We all have a voice and we all have something to share....we believe in LEGACY building, and so we plan to do just that via our apparel.

Why should consumers work with you?

Working with me allows for me to be my authentic self. Because I am a helper and connector by default (occupation and just who I am as a person), I tend to just show up without putting on THE FACE. I am who I am and I encourage others around me to be just that as well. Authenticity and rapport building go a long way. I want to connect with YOU (the consumer) as a person and truthfully speaking, shopping becomes a secondary gift during that relationship. I want to empower our brown & black women from the inside out and remind them that they’re doing their thang via our statement apparel!


Instagram: @GurlishLabel