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Holistic Living Consulting

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Location: Osceola, Arkansas

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Holistic Living Consulting is a health and wellness company that caters to women particularly women of color. Our service includes virtual holistic wellness coaching and digital courses.

Cassandra Hill founded Holistic Living Consulting in February 2018. As an undergraduate student, Cassandra was diagnosed as being anemic however she had systemic lupus. She went misdiagnosed for over 10 years. Healthcare professionals did not take the time to listen to her concerns. When she received the correct diagnosis doctors recommended chemo drugs and steroids which came with terrible side effects.

One day Cassandra decided she was tired of being sick. After going back to college and taking courses in health and wellness, she developed a regimen that put her in remission. Unfortunately, Cassandra’s experience in healthcare settings is far too common. Black women are ranking the charts in health disparities.

Holistic Living Consulting was birthed to provide practical ways for a woman to naturally manage her health and well-being. As the owner of Holistic Living Consulting, I envision a world where health disparities no longer exist for black women.

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