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Tropical Seamoss

Miami Gardens, FL


About This Business:

Our business is here to help our people by providing them with information and products that might help them on their health journey.

Why should consumers work with you?

Consumers should shop with us because we're not just providing you with great products. But we give tons of important information first. We also want to know our consumer story. Why do they want to try our products, what benefits are they looking to get out of it?

Instagram: @Tropical_Seamoss

Customer Testimonials:

"The flavored Seamoss is very tasty! So much so, that I have 2 tablespoons directly from the jar! Watermelon and pineapple flavored are equally goodT 😎"

Shakitha B.

"I use the fruit punch as a recovery beverage after a intense workout. It’s a smooth drink with all natural fruit and sea moss. I feel Rejuvenated"

Sinorice M.

"Amazing product 🔥🔥"


"I had the pleasure of ordering a few bottles of Tropical Sea Moss, and not only is the punch delicious, but the customer service is phenomenal! Thank you for making sure my order arrived within two days, and my drinks were ice cold when I received them! I’ll definitely be ordering again!"

Lania I.

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