III. VI. Artistry

Roswell, Ga


About This Business:

As a Makeup Artist, Influencer, and now Entrepreneur, I have found my niche in various aspects of the beauty industry. I chose to offer solutions to trouble skin aside from beautifying my clients. I am not anchored to foundations, eyeshadow palettes and brushes. I supply skincare, makeup applications, lash extensions, beauty utensils as well as fashion. I opened a boutique, Haus of III.VI., to give my clients a place to unwind and feel their best while receiving grandeur services and products.

I have had the pleasure of working with a multitude of clients, all of which had specific skincare needs. Eczema, acne, hyperpigmentation and oily skin were some of the main issues that my clientele wanted to mask through makeup. I knew that having remedies readily available to them would not only boost their confidence but help them gain control of conditions that plagued them. III. VI. skincare is plant-based and nutrient-dense product line, therefore capable of healing skin conditions beyond the conventional stratifications. Typically, products only target skin types, such as oily, dry or combination skin. III. VI. however, provides a spa quality line with targeted solutions that can be used by any age group, race or gender. Some of the top leading skincare brands target women but men and pre-teens are not included. My skincare line was curated with the idea of healing and restoring all skin at any stage of life.

With more than 20 products that are infused with botanical extracts, my promise is that one’s skin returns to a natural evenness and healthy luminosity while diminishing darkness, dullness, and skin impurities. These products lighten hyperpigmentation, retain firmness and elasticity, restore an even tone, reduce fine lines and wrinkles while protecting the skin against free radical aggressors and premature aging.

Why should consumers work with you?

III. VI. Artistry is a brand that focuses on enhancing beauty, building confidence and creating masterpieces through clean beauty and skincare. If your main concern is selecting a sustainable product line that nourishes and heals, then this is the perfect brand for you!

Website: https://briannaknight.com/

Instagram: @iii.vi.artistry

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