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Inspired By Iris

Kansas City, MO


About This Business:

For about 20 years I've offered creative services, including running a full-service party store from 2003 to 2008. Despite personal challenges, I resumed creating and selling jewelry in 2013, expanding to an online shop in 2019. The pandemic disrupted my business, prompting me to pursue new opportunities in Kansas City. There, coping with emotional hardship, I discovered and developed a passion for pour painting. Now, I'm focused on jewelry and pour paintings, inspired by my first-born, Iris.

Why should consumers work with you?

At Inspire BI Gifts, we offer inspirational message cards paired with beautifully handcrafted jewelry to help you express your feelings towards your loved ones. Our gifts are available in various colors and designs to cater to diverse needs. Our aim is to spread love, laughter, and joy through small packages that make grand gestures. So, bring encouragement to your loved ones and remind yourself that we're never promised tomorrow.


Instagram: @Nelzie.InspireBIGifts

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