J Marquel Watch Company

Albany, Ga


About This Business:

Hello, I’m Jauron and along with my fiancé Takela we are the owners of J Marquel Watch Company, founded in November 2021. The idea of the watch company was a vision that instilled in me years prior to our launching, but with years of not being able to gain employment and losing my confidence to even apply for jobs, I finally decided to listen to God and follow my passion and embark on my entrepreneurial journey of creating a luxury watch that can be worn by everyone.

Why should consumers work with you?

When creating the J Marquel watch we wanted something different so the idea of creating an automatic timepiece that had uniqueness to it such as the name which is the abbreviation of my first name Jauron and my middle name Marquel. As for the numbers on the watch there are only four: 1, 5,7,11. That forms an imaginary X which also unique for a watch.

Website: https://www.jmarquelwatch.com

Instagram: @jmarquelwatches

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