Keta’s Closet

Miami, FL


About This Business:

Welcome to Keta’s Closet your number one source for all things fashionable and fly!! We’re dedicated to providing our consumers and clients with the best products with a focus on dependability, customers service and uniqueness!!

Officially founded in 2019 by Roketa Mansfield, Keta’s Closet has come a long way from its humble beginning in a small space at her grandmother’s kitchen table. When Ms. Mansfield first sparked an interest in fashion, she couldn’t afford many of the clothing lines she admired and adored. Her passion drove her to conduct research on clothing and how they were made and gave her the impetus to turn hard work, her imagination, creativity and inspiration into a booming online store.

Keta’s Closet is all about embracing self-acceptance, individuality, fun and most of all LOVE!!!

Why should consumers work with you?

KETA’s Closet is all about self-love, acceptance and love. We foster an environment wherein everyone can live in their truth, use their imagination, and create in a safe space with top tier customer service.


Instagram: @ketas_closet

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