Lambs & Wolves

Morristown, NJ



Lambs & Wolves was birthed in late 2021 by Creator/Owner, Nicole Mosby. Our brand has been carefully designed to be aesthetically pleasing and a piece of art in any home.

Our candles are made for the women and men who have been working hard over the last few years hustling to strive for better self care, prioritizing mental health and incorporating luxury living into their daily lives.

We have spent years researching and resourcing clean burning materials that are natural, safe, and provide a unique sensory experience. In addition, our candles are lab tested for safety and meet National Candle regulatory requirements which elevates our products for a slow clean even burning experience

Why should consumers shop with you?

Consumers should shop with me because I have unique scented candles that have been lab tested for safety and provide a luxury experience


Instagram: @Lambs.wolves

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