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Le'Kisha's Kreations

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Location: 2049 MLK Jr Dr SW, Atlanta, GA 30310

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Business Description:

In 2020, during the pandemic and the same year I purchased my home, I started decorating my house with plants. I found houseplants to be a soothing comfort during stressful times. Not only aesthetically beautiful; houseplants have several health benefits as well.

Being that I was decorating my home and becoming a "real plant mom" I stumbled across a cute little planter. It was very plain, so I added my kreative touches. I named her "Letha" after the name my mom affectionately calls me. My mom has a green thumb, so perhaps she passed it on to me!

I posted a picture on Facebook showing off my unique, embellished planter and people instantly started to ask "Where did I get it from?" When I told them I "kreated it", the rest is history! I was blessed to kreate several Letha Planters for the holiday season providing my customers with a unique, one-of-a kind gift! Three years later, my online presence has grown and I opened up my very own Plant and Home Decor in Atlanta, Georgia.

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