Look at me I can read

Rock Hill, SC


About This Business:

My business was created with minority children in mind. During COVID my own children were homeschooled, and every time we would go to the store to get them workbooks I noticed something. My children were not represented in any of the workbooks created, so I thought instead of complaining why not be the change I wished to see. That is how Look at me I can read started. I created educational resources including workbooks and composition books all with African American cartoon characters on the covers, to get children excited to learn. The products were created to help teach children literacy while having fun. Children see the covers and are automatically excited and happy when they see that the child looks like them. Inclusion and representation matters, and that is what my brand is showcasing and representing.

Why should consumers work with you?

They should shop with me because I have one-of-a-kind products, that cannot be found anywhere else. I created and hand drawn all the covers so that they would be unique in their own right. Also, the quality is great, with the books being thick like a paperback so that they can keep the workbooks for lengthy amounts of time and will not fall apart. Separating me from dollar brands that come apart, and the color bleeds thru after the first use. Worth the money and guaranteed to teach their children while being fun and creative.

Website: www.lookatmeicanread.com

Instagram: @lookatmeicanread

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