Majestic Treasures Jewels

Parkville, Md



I've been on this journey of discovering who I am besides being a stay-at-home wife and mother. Ever since I lost my job I was depressed and lack of self confidence. I realized that I needed to get out of this funk. I started putting my energy towards God and working out. Before I knew it the heavy burdened was being lifted away from the inside to the outside. Everything is starting to come together as I am feeling good and looking good with all this weight I lost as I am learning and growing understanding the new me in the way I dressed. I felt something was missing and that’s when I was introduced to Paparazzi. I started to sparkle I wasn't a jewelry person at first. Now I don't leave home without having my Majestic Treasures Jewels on. Paparazzi have helped me to become a fashionista which I have always dreamed of and hopefully I can change my future for my family and others around me.

Why should consumers shop with you?

It's not always about the sales. For me is the connections loving on people.


Instagram: @majestictreasuresjewels

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