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Mannequin Madness

Business Information

Location: 1031 Cotton Street

Oakland, CA 94606

Phone Number: 510-444-0650

Instagram: @mannequinmadness


Business Description:

At Mannequin Madness, we rent/sell/recycle new & used mannequins, dress forms, body parts, display fixings, etc. in our showroom and online. Most of our used mannequins come from retailers who offer us their used/unwanted mannequin materials in lieu of dumping them in landfills (as they do not break down environmentally). Used mannequins are recycled by selling them to small business owners, artists, makers, etc. or by donating to local schools. By recycling used mannequins, we are also contributing, in our very tangible and unique way, to the environment.

At The Headdress Workshop, we offer headdress-making classes in the Mannequin Madness showroom every Sunday afternoon and for special group events as booked by individuals e.g., birthdays, weddings, holidays, etc. We also offer a mobile version to serve large groups (minimum 50) that we contractually deliver at their location(s) to companies, non-profits, libraries, etc. for the purpose of team building, self-care, company engagement, and cultural/ethnic activities.

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