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The Legacy Collection By Butterfly Luv Hugz

Oceanside, CA


About This Business:

Black LGBTQIA+ Representation Matters!! The Legacy Collection By Butterfly Luv Hugz is an apparel and merchandise brand that honors and celebrates the legacy of my ancestors and all the beautiful black women and men in my family. Our founder is a very proud 57 yrs Young Black Queer Transformational Speaker, Personal Development Coach, Award-winning Educator, and Servant Leader. We created this unique brand to build awareness within underrepresented and underserved communities of color. We are on a mission to ignite an epidemic of unconditional love within the Black and Black LGBTQIA + Community for generations to come. Our goal is to design and produce the highest quality apparel and companion merchandise that will inspire our people to release the past, dream the impossible, and explore possibilities!!!

We Are One!! When We Evolve Luv Wins!!

Why should consumers work with you?

Customers should shop with us because they also desire to inspire the creation of safe spaces all around the world that embrace, celebrate and honor people of color of all sexual orientations and gender identities.


Instagram: @butterflyluvhugz

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